Clinic, E-146, Sec 20, Noida
Max Hospital, Saket, New Delhi


Awards and Publications

  • Several Gold Medals during MBBS & MD, Chaired many sessions.
  • Presented papers in various nations & international conferences.
  • Publication-Kumar A, Vaidyanathan S, Sharma AK, Sharma SK, Goswami AK. Management of visico-uterine fistulae: A report of six cases. Int.     J Gynecol. Obstet. 1988,26: 435-457.
  • Publication-Dhall K,Mittal S,Sharma AK. Evaluation of pre-induction scoring system. Aust. & N.Z. Obstet. Gynec. 1987,27:309-311.
  • Publication-Dhall K,Mittal S,Sharma AK. Hemangiopericytoma uterus- A case Rreport. Bull PGI 20.1.1986.
  • Publication-Khunnu B, Mittal S, Sharma AK. Pseudomyxoma peritonei. Bull PGI 21.1.1987.
  • Publication-Khunnu B,Babu K,Mittal S, Sharma AK. Femoral nerve neuropathy after vaginal hysterectomy. Bull PGI 21.2.1987.
  • Publication-Kumar A,Sharma AK. Maternal mortality inquiry in rural community of northeren india. International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology. 1990.
  • Publication-Sharma AK, Phadke S, S.Porencephaly. : A possible complication of chorion villus sampling. Indian Paediatrics. 1991,28: 1061- 1062.
  • Publication-Agarwal SS,Misra PK,Malik GK, Chandrawati,Das V,Sharma AK. Prevalence and spectrum of congenital malformations at a teaching hospital. Indian Journal of Medical Research. 1991, 94,413-419
  • Publication-Naveen M, Phadke S, Sharma AK,Agarwal SS. Socio-cultural probl;ems of genetic counseling. J Med Genet. 1992,29:140.
  • Publication-Agarwal SS,Misra PK,Malik GK, Chandrawati,Das V,Sharma AK. An Overlap between hydrolethus and Majewski syndromes. AM J Med. Genet. 1992,43:949-953.
  • Publication- Phadke S, Sharma AK,Agarwal SS.The Hydralethus syndrome with additional skeletal findings. American Journal of Human Genetics. 1991,49:163.
  • Publication- Phadke S, Sharma AK,Agarwal SS. Short rib polydactyly syndrome type IV (Beemer syndrome). Am. J Med. Genet, 46:345,1993.
  • Publication- Phadke S, Sharma AK,Agarwal SS. Freeman Sheldon syndrome an unusual presentation. Indian Paediatrics, 30:91,1993.
  • Publication-Haldar A, Phadke S, Sharma AK,Agarwal SS.Preaxal Brachydactyly with abduction of thumbs and hallux Vs distinct entity. Am. J  Med Genet. 49: 274-277,1994.
  • Publication- Phadke S, Sharma AK,Agarwal SS. A new syndrome of multiple joint dislocation with metaphyseal dysplasia. Clinical Dysmorphology. 2, 264-268,1993.
  • Publication- Phadke S, Sharma AK. CVS porencephaly. Prenatal Diagnosis. 13:1077,1993.
  • Publication- Phadke S, Sharma AK,Agarwal SS. Ethical and socio-cutural problems in genetic counseling- A suggested working approach. J of  Genetic Counseling. 3:81-83,1994.
  • Publication- Upreti M S, Sharma AK,Agarwal SS. Prevalence of Neural Tube Defects at Lucknow over a 10 years period from 1982-1991. Indian J of medical Research,99:223, 1994.
  • Publication- Phadke S, Sharma AK,Agarwal SS. GAPO syndrome without hyaline deposits. Am j. Med. Genet. 51:191-193,1994.
  • Publication-Sharma AK. The clinical value of a perinatal autopsy. (Editorial) Indian Pediatrics.31,5-7,1994.
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